Sports Fiesta 2012

Sports Fiesta Sprint 50

Inspired from Singapore Polytechnic's running event, Poly 50 is an annual competitive race held in Singapore Polytechnic.

The race-relay will see teams of ten runners, competing against numerous strong athletes by completing 50 rounds of a well-planned 600m route.

We are proud to present Singapore Flyer Sprint 50, co-organised by Singapore Polytechnic. They will bring with them, not only their long-running event to Singapore Flyer, but also their spirits of sportsmanship, and professionalism, to make Singapore Flyer Sprint 50 a national event, to be marked on future sports calender.

This competitive race is not an easy feat for the faint-hearted. The run will see all athletes training very hard for the top prize, but the participants will enjoy the journey of selecting their team of high-spirited, like-mindedness runners that share the same camaraderie to achieve the single goal.


  • 10-members running team.
  • A well-planned circuit around Singapore Flyer, covering a total of 600m.
  • Members of the team are required to sprint along the route to complete a relay
  • Competing teams must complete 50 such relays around the Singapore Flyer.
  • Change-over of runners are allowed only at 3 designated zones.
  • Each runner runs about 200m between change-overs(/br)(However a runner may continue running without passing the card).
  • Only lady running shall run the 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th lap.


    This competition is open to all.


    Registration Opens: Now
    Registration Closes: 4 March, 2012
    Goodie Bag Collection: 7th (2pm – 5pm), 8th (2pm - 5pm) April, 2012
    Venue: Greek Theatre @ The Singapore Flyer
    Event Date: 14 April 2012
    Prize Presentation : 14 April 2012


    0830 hrs - 1530 hrs


    Singapore Flyer.


    S$23 per runner.
    S$230 per team.

    Each registration comes with goodie bag conatining a piece of running top and other sponsored items.

    Click here for registration


    Champion Team will walk away with S$5,000 cash!

    1st Runner-up will walk away with S$3,750 cash.

    2nd Runner-up will walk away with S$2,500 cash.

    All runners who complete the run will receive a running medal.

    Official prize presentation will be held at the Singapore Flyer on the day of event, 14 April 2012.